Monday, February 20, 2012

Training For Gold: Day 1

Well, this is it.  I've told you all how to set goals, how to eat right, and how to train hard, and now my friends it's time for me to follow my own advice.  I'm going to try to take this weightlifting thing to the next level, and qualify for nationals in a year of serious training.  I figure since this is my blog, I can record my own progress amongst all the helpful advice, right?  Hey, maybe if a few people see it, I'll not only get a couple supporters, but I'll be forced to stick to my goals as strictly as possible.  Not that I'm not already determined as hell.

I've gotten in with a very well renowned coach, who's name I'll leave out for now, as I don't consider myself  a good enough athlete to be officially affiliated with him as of yet.  When I make him proud, I'll let you know who's responsible for my (possible) success.  He's the real deal though folks, a man who's trained champions, and who knows how to get people strong.  Starting today I'm off my own lifting program, and onto his.  Oh boy.....

I won't let you know the exact details of my routine, sorry.  It's nothing personal, but sometimes things designed by the real pros are meant to be kept secret, at least a little, right?  I mean come on, even today no one knows the real nitty gritty details behind the Bulgarian method of training which produced so many great champions, and that was over twenty years ago!  Sometimes the greatest things aren't meant to be shared with everyone.  It's like a magic show, you see the fantastic results, not the inner workings.

But let's get down to business.  In the next three months, I'm going to need to squat up to 160 kg, and improve both my snatch and clean and jerk by about 10-20 kg.  I'm also going to need to move up in weight to compete either as a 77 kg or 85 kg lifter.  Eventually, I'll have to compete as a 94 kg lifter, due to my height.  That means a diet change, starting today.

I've been eating around 2400-2700 calories per day, and I'm going to bump that up to at least 2900-3000 calories a day for the next couple weeks, and see where that gets me.  How am I going to do this?  Here's my plan:

1 more scoop of protein in my oatmeal, which makes two scoops total: 140 extra calories.

A glass of skim milk with lunch and dinner:  160-200 extra calories

1 full tablepoon of Naturally More peanut butter before bed (was previously eating only .5 tbsp): 50 extra calories

That'll take me to around 3000, and I figure that's a good place to start.  My body weight as of yesterday was 152.5 lbs.  I'm looking to break 160 lbs quite soon, as I've already been up to 164 lbs previously in my life.

I'm also starting back up on creatine after a 1 year hiatus, and am starting the loading phase today.  That means 20 grams a day for a week, then 10 grams a day for 4 more weeks after that, followed by a cleansing.

Chad Vaughn, a FANTASTIC USA weightlifter
I'm also doing double sessions as many days per week as I can, and bringing back one full rest day (Mondays).  I'm happy as I write this because just today I squatted 300 lbs unbelted to full depth.  A good start to a heavy training cycle.

Anyway, now you all know what I'm up to.  I'll routinely post pictures, progress, and PR's, and I hope some of you can follow my endeavors and root me on.  I'd love to share this experience with weightlifting enthusiasts, and really prove how great this sport really is.

Nationals, here I come, and to the competition:  Watch out, Seth's going to own that platform.

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