Sunday, October 16, 2011

Welcome to the Lifetime Diet

Let's get one thing straight.  America is full of people who are uneducated about food.

Notice that i didn't say "fat people," as many others would have.  

No, I won't discuss the obesity epidemic in the United States.  That's not what I'm here to do.  My mission with this blog is to get all who read it educated about a healthy diet, and to realize how incredibly, fantastically easy it is to incorporate healthy, wholesome foods into your lifestyle.  

Like you haven't heard that one before...

But wait.  Listen.  This Blog is NOT meant to tell you what to do.  I don't like to control people.  Its main purpose will be to give choices.  That's right, options.  These choices will be based on sound, established knowledge that you will have after you read each article.  And whenever you make a dietary choice, you'll know the benefits or consequences of what you just chose to do.  How you feel about the choice is up to you.  I will not ever tell someone how to live their life.  However, standing idly by while my friends and family romped around believing what they would about food and it's associated characteristics became too much.  I've seen too many fallacies being wholeheartedly accepted by those around me.  

It's time to get educated.  It's time to know what you eat, what you should eat, why you should eat it, where you should eat, when you should eat, the nutritional information of what you eat, what that nutritional information means, how it will affect you, etc...etc...etc...

Are you ready?  Because I promise you, I will help all of you become a food gurus.  Masters of culinary investigation.  Samurais of the consumption of culinary masterpieces. 

You get the point. Let's do it! 

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