Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Naturally More" Peanut Butter *Review*

I couldn't resist, I just had to review another peanut butter.  And before you go clicking away to some other online place, let me tell you this:  This peanut butter might just be the healthiest peanut butter out there on the market today, combining everything necessary to build muscle and stay lean and fit?  Would that grab your interest?  What if I told you that this miraculous peanut butter also had some of the best taste and texture I've ever experienced in any sort of nut butter EVER?  Well if you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, let me at last relieve your curiosity.

The peanut butter of which I speak is called "Naturally More," and it proudly boasts the slogan "The way Peanut Butter Should Be."  After trying this stuff the very first time, I tend to agree.  This stuff IS the way peanut butter should be.  It's a formula of perfection, at least in my opinion.

What makes this stuff so great?  Well, they started with a natural peanut butter base (good start, healthy monounsaturated fats and nutrient dense), and added everything that PB tended to lack in terms of health factors.  Peanut butter in general isn't a very good protein source, as it's not very protein dense AND most of the protein in peanuts is incomplete (unusable by the body for muscle repair) in its natural form.  Naturally More peanut butter fixed this, and added egg whites to the butter itself.  This bumps up the protein to 10g per serving, a good 30-40% MORE protein than just plain peanut butter!  And you can bet that the protein in Naturally More is a lot more bioavailable to the body, having a more complete nature.

But Naturally More didn't stop there.  They also noticed that while peanut butter itself had a remarkable amount of monounsaturated healthy fats, great for heart health and cholesterol, it was lacking what your body really needs, which are essential fatty acids (EFA's) like omega-3 and omega-6.  They easily solved this dilemma by adding both flax seed and flax oil, two substances extremely rich in EFA's.  But they didn't stop there.  Peanut oil itself has a good amount of omega-6 in it already, and most people consume PLENTY of omega-6 already, therefore Naturally More didn't only add flax oil, they removed most of the peanut oil in favor of a more beneficial omega-3 to omega-6 EFA ratio.  This ratio is very crucial to maintaining health (and a trim figure), and it's another reason why this peanut butter RULES!

Oh, and because it's a natural peanut butter, it has no hydrogenated oils that would produce trans fat.  NO TRANS FAT!!!

Naturally More still wasn't quite done though, and realized that the final category that good ol' natural peanut butter was lacking in, was the fiber department.  Traditionally peanut butter usually has about 1 gram or less of fiber per serving.  Naturally More decided that this wasn't enough, and added wheat germ to their product to increase the fiber count to 2 grams per serving.  Now I know that doesn't sound like a huge jump, but one more gram of fiber can definitely make a difference.  The wheat germ also adds a little more protein, making the overall protein profile more varied.  Nice!

Finally, Naturally More added a little bit of honey in there to replace a good amount of added sugar with natural sugars.  As such, Naturally More only has 3 grams of sugar per serving, a very low overall simple carb count.  There is a slight bit of processed sugar added, which is my only beef with this amazing peanut butter.  At only a few grams though, I don't expect it to ruin anyone's diet.

Here are the nutritional facts for Naturally More Peanut Butter:

Now, for the taste.  I personally think this peanut butter is some of the best I've ever tasted, EVER.  It's rich, creamy, soft, powerful, aromatic, and completely satiating.  I take a tablespoon for breakfast after my whey loaded oatmeal, and always have to just sit back for a minute and just enjoy the amazing flavors coursing through my mouth.  It tastes like a cheat meal, but it's very far from that.  It's hard to believe something so good can be so healthy.

But does it taste like peanut butter?  Well, actually, not exclusively.  Don't get me wrong, the peanut taste is there (in force!) but it's strongly complimented by other flavors, especially that of the flax seed oil, with a slight crunch from the flax seed itself.  I can also taste the wheat germ to a slight degree.  Now I personally LOVE these tastes, and in my opinion they only make the stuff more enjoyable.  But I won't be surprised if this is one of those "love it or hate it" foods.  Some people would die to have another spoonful, others would rather die before forcing it in their mouths.  But that's absolutely NO reason not to try it.  I bet if you try, you'll love it.  I hope you believe me when I say that this stuff is like heaven in a jar, that for once is actually good for you.

What would I rate this peanut butter?

Taste: 9.5/10 

Nutritional profile 9.999/10 (if only there wasn't that tiny bit of added sugar)

Cost value 8/10 (this stuff is pretty cheap, but there are cheaper varieties)

All in all I would definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY recommend trying some Naturally More.  It's got all the right ingredients, an incredible fresh taste, and huge potential to keep you healthy and strong for a long time.  Give it a try!

Seriously, flax-oil, egg whites, and peanut butter?  That seems too good to be true.  GOOD LUCK!


  1. Seth - I saw your comment on the "Naturally More" page, and thought you might have some additional information on the ACTUAL Omega 3 & 6 content. But you don't mention any specifics, so I guess not. Where or how can this information be found. The company's FB site has NO responses to the comments or questions that folks have left there. And that makes me a little nervous or suspicious.
    The FB site claims "the added benefits of Omega-3,fewer calories than other peanut butter competitors, 25% more protein, and 50% more fiber than regular brands currently on the market." Fairly specific info about some claims, but not the Omega part!

    Their FB page goes on to say, "Perhaps the most innovative benefit of Naturally More™ Peanut Butter is the high level of Omega-3 essential fatty acids,......" The company then states about all the benefits of Omega 3.
    And the last statement I quoted is definitely making a claim without any real numbers.
    What do you think about all that?

    Seth I'm not sure how to respond to the "comment as" question, but I don't know what those choices mean, so I'm doing "anonymous".
    But I'd be OK with having my name up there, but I don't know how to do it.

  2. so why did you delete my comment Seth?


    1. I don't think I deleted anything...which comment?

  3. Is this available internationally? I mean in the UAE and stuff.. Do you have any idea?

  4. We've been using their PB for over a year, and been switching to their Almond butter.

    We really enjoy the taste and how healthy it seems to be, but man, it is a pain to open a new jar and get it ready to use because of the oil separation. And since the jar barely holds the content, it spills when I try to mix it up the first time. I hate the disclaimer on so many products, "product may settle in shipping" but it is SO messy to try and open a new jar quickly while trying to get ready for work in the bleary-eyed mornings... :-(

  5. did anyone find a strong oil smell and taste to this pb?? I cant stomach it , it smells like cheap oil or something, I cant explain it but it takes over the entire peanut butter?

    1. I got a hint of stale bread flavor. Im presuming its from the wheat germ oil? I also thought it had a banana taste to it. It wasnt terrible but I might need to readjust my taste buds because it doesnt taste like the peanut butter Ive eaten for 50 years. I think it might be worth the effort -healthwise to retrain my taste buds.

  6. Does anyone have any tips or advice to keep the PB mixed in with the oil? I find myself mixing the entire jar before every serving, and it always ends up more on the oily side than the creamy side. Taste is great, just wish it was more of peanut butter base

  7. love this pb! mine is a little different.."roasted peanuts, soy protein, flax seed, evaporated cane syrup, salt, molasses" im no expert, but everything here seems good