Thursday, April 19, 2012

Negative Calorie Foods: The Ultimate Diet Fantasy

We've all heard of them, those foods that supposedly require more calories to digest than they actually contain. Like celery!  Don't you remember that celery had something like 5 calories, and took 15 to digest?  Now I don't really know where those numbers came from, but I sure remember hearing that statement uttered from the mouths of quite a few of my friends and relatiFves.  But is it really true?  Could you just theoretically eat a whole ton of celery and burn more calories than your daily trek in the gym?

Unfortunately, no.  These rumored zero calorie foods are just that, rumors.  They don't actually exist.  There isn't a single food out there that requires more calories to digest than they actually contain.  Each and every day, your body takes about 10% of your caloric intake and uses it to actually digest the foods that you've eaten.  Now this 10% can vary based on how many calories you actually consumed, and if it happens to be over the caloric value of celery, then whoopee, maybe in that instance celery was a net loss of calories.  But the difference is nearly negligible, and hasn't been shown to aid in fat loss (the effect hasn't, the food most surely has!)

Does this mean you should cut back on celery?  Or how about broccoli? (Another supposed zero calorie food.) HECK NO!  Both of these veggies can aid in huge amounts toward your weight loss goal.  They contain massive amounts of fiber, which will not only keep your digestive system fit and healthy, but will keep you satiated and slow the digestion of other foods, making it a more efficient process and allowing the body to more readily use the nutrients it has been given.

Listen:  You're not going to get fat off of celery.  I'd be willing to wager you that you could eat as much celery as you wanted, and you'd get full long before you ever gained even an ounce of fat.  Raw, green veggies are just too darn nutrient packed to be bad for you, even in huge quantities.  Actually, I'll go out on a limb and say that if "no limit" foods exist, celery, broccoli, and other deep greens like spinach and lettuce are definitely worthy of that title.

Eat to your heart's content!  But don't think you'll be in a net calorie loss by doing so, because even though I hate to say it, your body doesn't work like that.

 Myth BUSTED!  

All in a morning's work, and now off to class.

Eat those veggies, and GOOD LUCK!

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